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We are looking for a CIO!


The country CIO (or director/lead) role is responsible for ensuring that the client's information technology vision and investments are aligned with its strategic business objectives for next 3 to 5 years.

The responsibilities include both strategic and tactical objectives as well as operational accountability
The person will have to understand Client's IT, technology and business landscape and implement roadmap to drive various initiatives in line with the signed contract. A number of initiatives will have to be conceived, defined and delivered to realise the benefits at bottom line as well as top line by improving business and operational processes in line with the Clients business goals. This will also require identification of opportunities which will be outsourced and delivered through offshore centres of .

The person will engage effectively at C level in customer organisation both at IT and business units. He will also require to develop relationships with strategic and local partners to ensure their offerings and deliveries are in-line with the needs of the client.

The role will require travel inside the country as well as to India.

Key Responsibilities
1.providing general Programme oversight, such as strategic guidance, information, recommendations, and decisions for that country
2.To achieve the P&L target for that account in that country
3.Human capital management
4.Continuously keep informed on developments in IT and Technology able to interpret their significance to the business
5.Overall IT portfolio management, IT investment management and risk assessment
6.Ensure as much as reusability of the assets of tools and utilities
7.Change oriented leader, catalyst to business thinking
8Business continuity and disaster recovery
9.Provide advice and assistance to senior managers on IT acquisition and management;
10.Develop, maintain, and facilitate implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture
11.Promote effective and efficient design and operation of all major processes, including improvements to work processes.
12.In addition, this position has primary duties annually, as part of the strategic planning process, assess requirements for personnel regarding knowledge and skills needed to achieve performance goals towards the business assess extent to which all managers meet those requirements develop strategies and specific plans for hiring and training report to the executive head on progress made on improvement

Key Competencies
1.excellent oral and written communications skills (English and preferably Dutch/German/French), including listening as well, and an ability to communicate well with and at all levels of the institution;
2.ability to form alliances and relationships with various stakeholders to make sure that all information technology efforts are channelized and leveraged to meet the business goals.
3.ability to work collaboratively and effectively across the board with own staff, clients organisation and strategic/local partners.
4.ability to make and stick to hard decisions, combined with the agility to stay flexible and open at all times;
5.ability to manage resources in an environment where the demand and expectations are always going to be far greater than the supply;
6.Strategic Planning
7.Perf & Results based mgmt
8.Process and operations Improvement
9.Capital Planning & Investment
10.Leadership Mgmt
11.Technology Assessment
14.Merger and Acquisition


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